How It Works

How It Works

ANIDERS uses Infrared Technology to sense the approaching animal and repels the animal away from the farm safely. It eliminates the need of Electric Fences.

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ANIDERS installed in india

ANIDERS installed in india

Installed in major parts of Uttrakhand, Bihar, Kerala, Assam and Uttar Pradesh. In total of 100+ ANIDERS units have been installed pan India.

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ANIDERS is available in different versions. Enabled with latest technology. Wide Price Range. Affordable alternative for Electric Fencing.

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Human-Wildlife Conflict is becoming a serious issue with the increase in human population and decrease in forest cover. This conflict is costing lives of both Animals and Humans at alarming rates. Existing methods like electric fences are no longer efficient in solving such conflicts, so we decided to come up with a smarter solution that could protect the crops from animal intrusions without causing any harm to the wildlife. This led to the invention of ANIDERS (Animal Intrusion Detection and Repellent System), a device that works like a Mechanised Scarecrow. It detects the animals that intrude the fields and scares them away before they can cause any harm to the crops. ANIDERS uses the combination of Active and Passive Infrared sensors to detect the animal movements and then uses light and alarm system to repel them.

Features such as Solar Powered, Auto ON/OFF, Multiple Sound and Light Patterns and Real-time Communication via GSM makes it even more effective and a greener technology. Results obtained after rigorous testing done by WWF India stated that, the device successfully repelled the animals 86% of the times, which in turn resulted in 60% increase in crop yield.



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  • News about ANIDERS

    Published in National and Local Dailies

    Navbharat Times, Times of India, Economic Times, Amar ujala, The Tribune, Down To Earth, WildLabs
  • ANIDERS Team working with government

    Working with Government

    Installed ANIDERS for Forest Department of Haldwani
  • Abhay Receiving Award from NRDC

    Awards and Recognitions

    Budding Innovator of the Year 2018, Most Relevant Social Startup, Startup of the Year
  • Working with the Team

    Team Work

    We work with the teams of WWF India, WII, Government, Wildlife Enthusiasts, Activists, Conservationists and Business Minds
  • ANIDERS on Highways

    ANIDERS for Highways

    ANIDERS can be used to male highways safer for both driving humans and animals trying to cross the roads.
  • Latest Designs

    New Improved Design

    Compact, Light weight and Robust. The technology and designs of ANIDERS keep on improving with time.