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Right in the early days when ANIDERS had just started to take shape, it caught the attention of a Senior Editor at Down To Earth Magazine.

Image Courtesy: Down to Earth Magazine

That day we were there at Kyari Village, near Jim Corbett National Park in North India, to test out ANIDERS in the field. For a basic looking device made out things available in our workshop at home, it functioned way beyond any of our expectations.

Our first field test at Kyari was a huge success, villagers and our team were equally ecstatic to envision all the solutions that this device could provide for Human- Wildlife Conflicts happening all over the country.

Our team has not looked back ever since. We have been trying harder to make this device as affordable and as robust as possible so that every farmer can invest in it with 100% faith and satisfaction.

This article in Down To Earth Magazine got published in 2016, but we didn’t get to know about it until recently. You can read the full article here.

Thanks for visiting our blog. Stay tuned for more such updates on ANIDERS and Human- Wildlife Conflicts.

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