Animal Intrusion Detection and Repellent System

Human-Wildlife Conflict is a serious problem that we are facing worldwide. And this problem is increasing with the decrease in forest cover. This conflict is costing lives of both animals and humans at alarming rates.
Existing methods like electric fences are no longer efficient in solving such conflicts, so we decided to come up with a smarter solution that could protect the crops from animal intrusions without causing any harm to the wildlife. This led to the invention of ANIDERS (Animal Intrusion Detection and Repellent System), a device that works like a smart Scarecrow.
ANIDERS uses a combination of AIR ‘Active Infrared’ and PIR ‘Passive Infrared’ sensors to detect intrusion of any animal entering the farm and then it uses the electrical signal to trigger an alarm that repels the detected animal away. The alarm uses a combination of light and sound. Device is solar powered, hence does not need any power supply to charge its battery. It charges itself during the day and gets switched on automatically at night. Its water resistant and portable design makes it handy and sturdy to use. Two sensors PIR Sensors put together covers a diameter of about 30 meters. After the intrusion has been detected, ANIDERS will automatically tell the location of the animal by flashing spotlight towards it and will trigger the alarm system of that sector. This feature will help the farmers to pinpoint the sector in which the animal has intruded. Since animals tend to get acquainted to the recurring sounds and lights in their surroundings, ordinary alarming systems will work in the beginning, but its effectiveness will decrease sharply with time. To overcome this shortcoming, we have programmed ANIDERS to use permutations and combinations of light and sound patterns that changes every time an intrusion is detected. This will delay habituation in animals.

This device is efficient in protecting crops from animals like Elephants, Deer, Wild boars, Nilgai and other wild animals. It also keeps the land safe from predators like tiger and leopards.

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  1. Subrato Bhattacharya


    We need ANIMAL INTRUSION DETECTION AND REPELLENT SYSTEM on urgent basis. Please send the specification along with quotation.

    • aniders


      Hi Subrato,
      Can you please provide us your email ID or any other contact detail. We will write back to you with full device details as soon as possible. Our Email ID is or you can directly all us +91 9958276778

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