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How do I stop crop raiding by animals in farms?ANIDERS Image

How to stop wild animals from entering my farmland?

Elephants are destroying my crops, how do I stop them from entering farms?

How do I protect my crops from wild animals like Deer, Nilgai, Elephants and Wild Boars?

Is there any replacement for Electric Fencing to protect farmland?

If you have these questions, we have a solution for you.


ANIDERS is one machine that works like an automatic scarecrow. It uses a Infrared Sensors to detect any animal entering the farm and then it uses a light and sound alarm system to repel the detected animal away from the farmland.  Device is solar powered, hence does not need any power supply to charge its battery. It charges itself during the day and gets works the whole night.

ANIDERS is robust and can be used in any kind of weather.  The range of this device is 30 meters in diameter and you can install this device easily at the high conflict points in your farm from where you think maximum animals enter. Using ANIDERS is very simple, there is no need to set up any electrical connection. It is an independent unit that can be installed anywhere in your farmland easily.

It can sense animals of all sizes like Wild Boars, Deer, Nilgai and Elephants.

It can replace the need of electric fence as it builds a virtual fence around the farmland instead of making a physical fence. Alot of farmers complain about how electric fences end up hurting their family members and their cattles and not just wild animals.

Every year 60% of elephants deaths happen because of electrocution. ANIDERS is effective and ensures safety of farmlands, cattle and families of farmers.


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