About the Venture:

Our firm Kyari- The Nursery of Innovations, is our effort to provide high-end tech solutions cost-effectively. We have launched 1 of our products i.e. ANIDERS (Animal Intrusion Detection and Repellent System), which is doing extremely well in its domain and our second product is under R&D phase currently. ANIDERS has been recognized by various organizations (like WWF India, Cisco) for its potential and its results. It is rapidly gaining trust of Indian farmers and gaining popularity for all the good reasons.

ANIDERS- is a solution of the problem of Human Wildlife Conflicts happening across nation. This device uses the combination of AIR “Active Infrared” and PIR “Passive Infrared” to detect intrusion of any animal in the farms and then it uses the electrical signal to sound an alarm. The alarm uses a combination of light and sound.

According to the data analysis reported by WWF-India from January to April 2017, the total number of animal captures by the camera traps for both the systems is 650, out of which 539 captures (83%) were recorded to be within the range of the ANIDERS. The system detected the animal 368 times, out of which the animal was repelled for 86% (316) of these instances of detection.

This device can be commercially produced since there is a huge demand in the market for it.

Currently we have four models of ANIDERS with us on of them has a feature of GSM, this would send an SMS during the time of intrusion.

Vision for the Venture: 

We are targeting 3 broad consumer markets in India i.e. farmers, Railways Corporations, and Highway corporations.

  • 60% of Indian Population is into agriculture (about 786 million farmers). This will increase the whole countries agricultural production output by 60%.
  • Total 87 National Highways and long railways track the maximum of which cuts through jungles or situate near farmlands. ANIDERS installation can reduce the accidents due to Animal crossings by significant numbers.
  • ANIDERS with camera trap and artificial intelligence is our future, this will enable us to distinguish between animals.

We are coming up with few more products one of them is dishwasher. This will have a huge demand in times to come.